Various Artists: Loteria

We're very excited to announce the upcoming release of Loteria, a unique compilation album featuring 55 artists, composers, and producers, assigned at random into 14 brand new bands, tasked with creating original music from their home studios while in lockdown.

Featuring players such as Mike Watt, Amber Webber (Lightning Dust), Geza X, Gitane Demone (Christian Death), Victor Krummenacher (Camper Van Beethoven), Quazar (Quazar and the Bamboozled) and many others, these incredible musicians joined forces to combat the ennui of isolation and keep collaborative music alive. This collection splits 14 original songs over 2 LPs, and every card's a winner. View the track listing of the album below, including full credits. You can learn more about the release from the official website, and preorder your copy of the compilation here.


Track Listing
1. Are We The Weather by Why You Know
(Justin Burrill, Greg Cameron, Pat Hoed, and Mario Lalli)

2. BlindSpell by Blindspell
(Rainer Fraenkel, Ruben Romano, Richard Jones, and Amber Webber)

3. Job's Robe by El Nopal
(Paul Roessler, Bob Lee, Michael F. Glass, Carey Fosse, Josie Cotton, and Cherish Alexander)

4. I'm Gonna Stop by Quazar and the Bamboozled
(Brandon Jay, Victor Krummenacher, Woody Aplanalp, Carolyn Soyars, and Weba Garretson)

5. Astro-Tidal Drift by The Blind Insects
(Steve Gregoropoulos, Gitane Demone, Willie Aron, and Probyn Gregory)

6. The Suckerboy Lotto - Suckerboys
(Bill Woodcock, Dave Travis, John Collinson, Mike Watt, and Richard Alan Krieger (Crane))

7. Synthetic Love by The Innocent
(Ian Smith, Joe Dean, and Bob Lee)

8. There Goes The Neighborhood by Morning Jackhammers
(John Montgomery, Dave Soyars, Eric Potter, and Laura Smith)

9. Back From The Abyss by Strike On Box
(Paul Lacques, John Collinson, David Jones, Herb Lienau, Jonathon Stearns, and Woody Aplanalp)

10. Static Memoir by Doctors We Trust
(Marc Doten, Gitane Demone, Woody Aplanalp, Richard Jones, Danny McGough, and Bob Lee)

11. Kinky Bitch by Geza X
(Geza X, Heather Galipo, Mike Watt, and Bob Lee)

12. Theme From LADMO by The Legendary Curtains
(Joe Baiza, Mark Mastopietro, Bill Tutton, Joe Berardi, and Dan Clucas)

13. Paradise Is Mine by ÁFIDO
(Marc Doten, Lyman Chaffee, Jon Wahl, and Andy Sykora)

14. Toad Liquor by Whistle Pig
(Joe Dean, Weba Garretson, Mark Wheaton, Bob Lee, and Marc Mylar)