The Midnight Special: Live In Nottingham 1957
The Midnight Special: Live In Nottingham 1957

Big Bill Broonzy

The Midnight Special: Live In Nottingham 1957


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Born in Mississippi, “Big Bill Broonzy” – the name refers to his 6’ 6” physical stature – remains largely unsung as far as a household name, despite recording several hundred songs, many of which he wrote. From the late 1920s through the late 1950s, this immensely prolific blues performer won over fellow musicians and “race music” fans alike. As mentor to Muddy Waters and a major influence on artists like Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, and Rod Stewart, Broonzy’s impact on music cannot be understated. This solo performance captures Big Bill’s affable personality and ability to hold the attention of an appreciative audience with his storytelling, acoustic guitar licks, and a strong singing voice that leaves an indelible impression that this man had experiences in the fields, the factories, and the railroads. The record was mastered from original analog tape by Dave Gardner at Infrasonic Mastering, and pressed at Furnace Record Pressing. Liner notes by Larry Jaffee.


Track List:
A1 This Train
A2 Trouble In Mind
A3 Willie Mae
A4 In The Evening
A5 Glory Of Love
A6 The Midnight Special
A7 What Kind Of Man Jesus Is
B1 Keep Your Hands Off It
B2 Nobody's Business
B3 Hey! Bub
B4 The Feasting Table
B5 C.C. Rider
B6 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
B7 Goodnight Irene

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