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Guitar legend and Television co-founder Richard Lloyd has had a profound influence on rock & roll, with people like Jeff Tweedy citing Lloyd as his “musical hero”. Yet Lloyd’s solo career has somehow largely been overlooked and under-appreciated.With the release of his critically acclaimed 2017 memoir, Everything is Combustable, there is a renewed interest in his post-Television work. Perhaps the most obscure of his solo releases is Lodestones, an album that was released in 2010 only as a digital download. The album came to vinyl with this 2018 pressing, available as a transparent orange LP.


  1. The Knockdown
  2. Secret Words
  3. King Of Fools
  4. Fooling
  5. Lowdown
  6. Already Gone
  7. Highway Signs
  8. I Will Show You Mine
  9. Shimmer
  10. Oh Paige

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