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Bass legend Mike Watt has a resume that is hard to top, with credits including the Minutemen, fIREHOSE, and the Stooges, among many others. Raymond Pettibon is an award-winning visual artist and one of the most prominent cover artists around. Together they are Sock-Tight, a band from the past for the future. Two friends with different working and communication patterns, united in the belief that culture and art are meant to be a social act and in the hands of all people. Sock-Tight's first full length album is due out for Record Store Day 2020. The jacket, which features artwork from Raymon Pettibon, is reason enough to pick up a copy.


Track Listing
A1 The Wisdom Of The Thing
A2 Four-way Pony-up
A3 M F C K
A4 The Road To Go Slow
A5 Unchurned Melodies
B6 Burma Shave
B7 Humbucker Fucker
B8 Got Dapples, Yay
B9 Who Tattled Told?

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