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Magnified represents the real emergence of Failure, perhaps the best post-grunge dirge-pop band of the '90s. Shedding the sonic intrusiveness of producer/engineer Steve Albini, Failure took on the production of this effort, revealing recording and songwriting skills hidden on the band's debut of two years earlier. The melodies and arrangements are both simple and elegant, something like the Beatles meet Pink Floyd meets Black Sabbath meets '90s modern rock. This classic album has been remastered for its first ever vinyl pressing, and it's never sounded so good.


  1. Let It Drip
  2. Moth
  3. Frogs
  4. Bernie
  5. Magnified
  6. Wonderful Life
  7. Undone
  8. Wet Gravity
  9. Empty Friend
  10. Small Crimes


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