Roy Orbison

The Original Sound


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No less of an authority than Elvis Presley said that Roy Orbison was the best singer in rock ‘n’ roll, and that voice of his—high-pitched, emotional, almost ethereal—is in fine form on this album, originally released in the 1970s. While most people know Orbison for his pop material, he started off as a rockabilly artist for Sun Records, which is what this collection focuses on.
Curiously, Orbison didn’t like most of his work from this era, which is a shame because it was great; “Rockhouse,” “You’re My Baby,” and “Mean Little Mama” have become rockabilly standards, and every girl with a Bettie Paige poster in her dorm room knows the words to “Devil Doll.
Available on yellow color vinyl.
  1. Rock House
  2. This Kind Of Love
  3. It's Too Late
  4. Trying To Get To You
  5. You're Gonna Cry
  6. Sweet And Easy To Love
  7. Ooby Dooby
  8. You're My Baby
  9. Mean Little Mama
  10. I Never Knew
  11. Devil Doll

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