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The Ad Libs, a phenomenal yet under-appreciated American vocal group hailing from Hudson County, NJ, had their first and only smash hit within their first year as a group, with ‘The Boy From New York City.’ Though several other singles from the doo-wop group landed on the Billboard R&B chart’s, The Ad Libs never released a full length album. Presenting The Ad Libs is the group’s debut album that never happened. A collection of singles, b-sides, and unused studio cuts come together to show the 1960’s soul singers in a whole new light. The tracks were remastered for vinyl at Infrasonic Mastering and pressed at Pallas Group in Germany on purple color vinyl.


  1. A1 Bottom of My Soul
  2. A2 Appreciation
  3. A3 Oo Wee Oo Gee
  4. A4 Giving Up
  5. A5 He Ain’t No Angel
  6. A6 If She Wants Him
  7. B1 Boy From New York City
  8. B2 Kicked Around
  9. B3 Johnny My Boy
  10. B4 Ask Anybody
  11. B5 Nothings Worse Than Being Alone
  12. B6 I’m Just A Down Home Girl
  13. B7 The Slime

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