Primal Prayer
Primal Prayer

Beverly Glenn-Copeland

Primal Prayer


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Throughout a fifty year recording career, Glenn Copeland's music has defied categorization and genre. He is delighted to announce the forthcoming re-issue of his extraordinary but little-known album, 'Primal Prayer.' Primal Prayer was originally self-released in 2004 under the nom de plume 'Phynix' to a small but appreciative audience. It's 8 tracks are a rhythmically complex and wildly creative fusion of jazz, world, dance and classical genres.

Track List:
A1 La Vita
A2 Back to Bachland
A3 Heaven In Your Heart
A4 Between the Veils
B1 This Side of Grace
B2 In the Image
B3 A Little Talk
B4 A Song and Many Moons

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