The Giver
The Giver
The Giver
The Giver

David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7

The Giver


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Side A
More Than 2 Sides (Hillyard)
Measure of a Man (Sherley)
Now That You Know (Wheeler / Pitman)
The Giver (Hillyard / Wheeler)
Somebody Done Changed The Lock on My Door (Weldon)
Song of the Underground Railroad (Traditional arr. Hillyard)

Side B
Home is Where the Hatred Is (Scott-Heron)
Take a Chance on Me (Hillyard)
Ulysses (Hillyard)
Someone Else’s Love Song (Hillyard)
Dark Before Dawn (Hillyard)

David Hillyard – Tenor and Baritone Saxophones, Backing Vocals on 5
Larry McDonald – Percussion
Jimmy Boom – Drums
Chiquis Lozoya – Bass, Backing Vocals on 2-5, 8-10
Devin Morrison – Guitar
Ray Jacildo – Organ, Piano
Sean Wheeler – Lead Vocals on 2-5, 7-10
Alex Desert – Backing Vocals on 2-5, 8-10
Glen Pine – Trombone on 1-3, 7
Buford O’Sullivan – Trombone on 5, 8, 10,11
Luigi De Gaspari – Trombone, Bass Trombone on 4, 6, 10
Rich Graiko – Trumpet on 1, 6, 7, 8, 10
Rolf Langsjoen – Trumpet on 2,4, 5
Tommy Mattioli – Balafon on 6, Vibraphone on 7,10,11
Jayson Nugent – Pick Guitar on 4 , 7
Micah Nelson – Harmonica on 9

Recorded at Hen House Studios by Harlan Steinberger.

Additional overdubs recorded by David Hillyard at Studio Slack, Nico Leonard at Pum Pum Hotel, Luigi De Gaspari, Buford O’Sullivan, Ray Jacildo, and Rich Graiko.

All songs mixed by Harlan Steinberger at Hen House Studios.

Produced by David Hillyard, Andrew Rossiter, and Harlan Steinberger.

Mastering by Bernie Grundman.

Photos of Larry McDonald & David Hillyard by Kristin Laughter

Photo of Sean Wheeler by Brian Kasnyik.

Cover art design and layout by Jeremy Lublin

Special Thanks to: All our families, All the musicians who played on the album, Harlan Steinberger and Hen House Studios, Andrew Rossiter at Org Music, and all the Rocksteady 7 band members worldwide, past and present.

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